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Basic Manicure

(Nail shaping, cuticle grooming, massage, hot towel, regular nail polish)

Spa manicure

(Nail shaping, cuticle grooming, sugar scrub, cooling mask, hot towels, massage, regular nail polish)

Luxurious Manicure

(Nail shaping, cuticle grooming, sugar scrub, cooling mask, collagen gloves, hot towels, massage, regular nail polish)

Gel Manicure

(Nail shaping, cuticle grooming, gel nail polish, massage, hot towel)

Gel Manicure with Clear Polish

Finger Nails Cut & Shape

Toe Nails Cut & Shape

Polish Change

Regular Color Change on Nails

Regular Color Change on Toes

Gel Color Change on Nails

Gel Color Change on Toes

Gel Color Change on Acrylic

Adding Gel Polish to any Pedi/Mani

Kid Services

(12 and under)

Kid Manicure
Kid Pedicure
Kid Pedi and Mani (Free simple Design)
Kid Soak and Polish Feet
Kid Gel Manicure
Kid Gel Pedicure
Kid Gel Polish on Nails/Toes

Add On Services

Cut down
Longer Length
Trending Shape
French Tips
Nail Art Design
Take off Acrylic
Take off Dip Powder
Take off Gel Polish
Shinny Buff
Add Paraffin/Collagen Treatment
Acrylic on Big Toe

Dipping Powder

Dip powder only

Dip powder with manicure

Dip powder with extension tips

Dip Powder Manicure with Extension tips

Adding French Tips

Adding Ombre Design

Add Gel Polish on Dip Powder

Take off (Redo)


Basic Pedicure

All basic pedicures consist of toe shaping, cuticle grooming, and lotion. Regular polish is included. (Add callus treatment for $5)

Deep Hydration Pedicure 

Take a step up and try this treatment for dry skin. The 3 in one IBI spa set include Sea salt soak, Sugar scrub and Massage lotion will gently exfoliate and keep your leg and feet moisture. (Add callus treatment for $5)

*** Your choice of Lavender, Green Tea or Olive.

Spring Pedicure 

This pedicure includes a moisturizing sugar scrub exfoliation. It is followed by a cooling mask wrapped in warm towels and foot massage. (Add callus treatment for $5)

*** Please ask our staffs for choice of fragrances.

Aroma Pedicure 

Enjoy our 4-step Spa Pedicure from Aroma Spa Collection, The Heaven Scents. The body releases the happy hormone endorphins when a pleasing aroma is detected. The amazing floral fragrances of the Aroma Collection promote a joyful and relaxing sensation. Find joy in our aromatic spa pedicure experience: Aroma Soak, Sugar Scrub, Nourishing Mask and Massage Cream. (Add callus treatment for $5)

***Aroma Scents: Lavender, Cherry Blossom, Jasmine, Freesia.

OPI Pedicure 

Get ready for some pampering with the #1 professional salon brand from OPI Pro Exfoliating Treatment to buff away dull, dry skin and calluses to OPI Pro Clay Mask to help soothe the skin. Add on a paraffin wax to your feet and finish up with OPI hand and body lotion to quench your skin with 24-hour moisturizing. ***Your choice of Tropical or Green tea scent.

Raw Earth Pedicure

A warming up pedicure for our “cool people”. Raw sugar warming foot and leg scrub, rich moisturizing vitamins and minerals will soothe and polish the skin. Warming clay mask, paraffin wax, and warm body cream that will leave you a satin finish and massage away your aches and pains.

Antiseptic Pedicure 

The 6-step Antiseptic Spa Pedicure heals your skin with powerful anti-aging benefits of green tea and honey. Including Antiseptic skin benefits, 16 natural ingredients, free of 10 toxins, callus softener, and effective deodorization, Antiseptic Spa Pedicure is all you need to refresh and protect yourself from germ and odor.

***Your choice of Green Tea and Honey, Sunshine Quench, Pearl or Menta Fusion.

Pearl Pedicure 

Finely milled powder from quality freshwater pearl! First, we soak feet in pearl, which is both relaxing and improve texture. Second, the pearl moisturizing cleanser is used especially for spa pedicure preparation. Third, pearl sugar scrub effectively buff away dry skin underneath. Fourth, pearl mask, hot rocks mineral oil massage and collagen socks soothes, softens and de-stresses rough, tired feet. Finally, white mineral oil lotion will be applied to relieve dryness from heels to toes.

Valentino Pedicure 

Fizzing up this spa pedicure with a Pedi bomb for a fun starting. Then enjoy the exfoliating and hydrating powers of scrub, Conditioning Mask, Massage Lotion which are made with organic ingredients, a balance of fine salt, pure cane sugar, skin moisturizing butters and oils help scrub away dead skin cells and leave behind soft and plump legs and feet. Finish up with soothing Collagen socks and a relaxing hot rock massage.

Luxurious Pedicure

Start off with antibacterial aroma fresh soak to soften your skin, then sugar scrub with hydrating serum based gently exfoliate and moisture skin, leaving it soft and silky. Next, a moister mask with sea butter formula rejuvenates and detoxifies the skin, follow by a paraffin wax covered to leave feet with a sensation feeling. Finally, hot rock massage with oil and massage lotion with vitamin & essential oils heal, condition and regenerate the skin, leaving it soothe and hydrated.

*** Please ask our staffs for choice of fragrances

Golden Mystique Spa Pedicure 

Gold spa is the symbol for wealth, well-being, strength and warmth. More than 4000 years ago, the Egyptian already knew of the positive effect of the treasured precious metal on body and soul. Gold renews and revitalizes. Paracelsus already praised its healing power. The golden shimmer projects against environmental damage. The skin immune system is strengths. Scientific findings about the medical action of gold were the inspiration for a gold spa treatment. This treatment includes callus removal, gold scrub, gold gel mask with hot towel wrap, enjoy a hot stone massage and a warm paraffin wax.

Jelly Pedicure

This spa pedicure treatment includes a jelly bath that helps soften your heels to remove calluses. There are two components to our jelly pedicure. First, the warm water transforms into translucent, fluffy jelly., which will retain its heat up to 4x longer than regular water. Secondly, hot rocks are used to release any stress and aching muscles through a warm, ultra-moisturizing mask applied, following by hydrating hot towels wrapped around both legs. To complete a ritual finish, both feet are dipped into our amazing paraffin wax or collagen socks.

***Choice of Jelly Flavors: Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Cherry Sage, Lavender.

Serum Spa Pedicure 

Serum spa is the first products to incorporate premium skin serum into a pedicure system. Additionally, all formulations are results based on targeted goals of each variation. Taking advantage of serum’s deep-penetrating characteristics to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients, Serum Spa will provide the most effective and gratifying experience. There are 6 steps of Serum Spa that gives you everything that all spa pedicures included. Complete your ultimate Serum Spa Pedicure with complimentary shoulder massage and a warm neck wrap.

* Choice of Detox Pure, Moisture Soothe and Slim & Firm.


Upper Lip
Brows & Lip
Chin & Neck
Whole Face
Under Arm
Half Arm
Full Arm
Half Leg
Full Leg

Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Full Set with Gel Polish
Acrylic Refill
Powder Color Full Set
Powder Color Refill (Change Color) 
Pink & White/Ombre Full Set
Pink & White/Ombre Refill
Liquid Gel Full Set
Liquid Gel Refill
Toe Nail Full Set with Gel Polish
Toe Refill with Gel Polish
Take off Acrylic (Redo)
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